‘Wednesday’ cast reveal what supernatural beings they would like to see at Nevermore Academy
(Credit: Netflix)


'Wednesday' cast reveal what supernatural beings they would like to see at Nevermore Academy

In a new interview, the cast of Netflix’s Wednesday, Emma Myers, Joy Sunday and Hunter Doohan have revealed what supernatural beings they’d like to see at Nevermore Academy in season two.

The trio sat down for an interview with Netflix at its annual livestream, Tudum, on June 17th. “I want to see a centaur in Season two,” says Doohan in the video. Myers responds, “[I want] a Minotaur, then.” However, due to her co-star’s picks, this leaves Sunday without an obvious “taur”-based supernatural being to choose from.

In response, Myers changes her answer so Sunday can join in. “What taur does that leave me?” Sunday responds. “I’m taking my answer… I want to see a dragon,” Myers then asserts.

Elsewhere, the trio are asked what Netflix characters they would love to see teach at Nevermore next. First up is Doohan, who looks to the serial killer protagonist of You, Joe Goldberg, as his choice. He says that Goldberg could help his character Tyler not get caught doing his evil deeds: “I’d like to see Joe Goldberg teaching at Nevermore, I feel like he could teach Tyler how not to get caught”.

Looking at the fantasy series Shadow and Bone, Myers said that she’d like to see Ben Barnes’ Shadow Summoner, The Darkling, come to Nevermore. She said: “I’d like to see the Darkling, do like some, dark arts class. That would be cool.”

Keeping things closer to home, Sunday chooses a character played by Gwendoline Christie – Nevermind Principal Larissa Weems in Wednesday season one. Her pick is Satan from the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. “I would love to see Gwendoline Christie’s Satan [from The Sandman],” the actor expresses. 

Watch the clip below.