‘Wednesday’ cast member quits midway through filming season two
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘Wednesday’ cast member quits midway through filming season two

The production of Wednesday season two has hit an unexpected hurdle after a key cast member quit the show midway through filming.

Production on the show was currently on hold owing to the continued Hollywood writers strike, however, prior to this, filming for the second season of the Netflix smash-hit has already begun. This involved a new key character played by Thora Birch.

It has now been revealed that Birch walked out on the show presenting a major challenge over what comes next for the series. At present, it is unclear whether Birch’s character will be recast or if she will be written out of the show in some way.

A representative for the series’ production house, MGM, informed Deadline: “Thora has returned to the States to attend to a personal matter and will not be returning to the production.”

Birch is playing Wednesday’s dorm mother Tamara Novak in the second seasons. While it has been reported that she filmed ”the bulk” of her involvement, there are still loose ends that have made things difficult for the show’s continuity.

Sources have explained that Birch unfortunately had to leave production after an illness in the family. However, it has also been cited that she has now resigned and does not plan to return should the situation clear up.

While this does not throw the second season into any doubt, it does present a hurdle that will likely delay it from hitting our screens any time soon. As of yet, there is no release date even in mind for the show’s long-awaited return.