Watch the unsettling new trailer for ‘The Glory’

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Watch the unsettling new trailer for 'The Glory'

Netflix has given a teaser for their upcoming K-drama thriller The Glory, starring Song Hye-ko and Lee Do-hyun. The show’s synopsis claims that a broken woman, Hye-ko, is forced to leave school following a violent past and give up her dreams of becoming an engineer. In turn, she plots revenge against those who led her to this decision. Do-hyun will star alongside Hye-ko as a man with a hidden past. 

New visuals for Netflix’s upcoming series were shared yesterday, previewing Dong-eun’s willingness to go to extreme lengths to get what she wants. Through a series of steps, she unravels the chain of people involved in Dong-eun’s mistreatment all those years ago, who she will later target. On December 30th, the streaming service will host a global premiere of The Glory.

Acclaimed screenwriter Kim Eun-sook works alongside filmmaker Ahn Gil-ho on the show. Eun-sook is known for writing hit K-dramas, including Descendants of the Sun and Goblin, whereas Gil-ho provided productions such as Memories of the Alhambra and Record of Youth. 

Audiences may recognise Hye-ko from EncounterDescendants of the Sun and Full House. Do-hyun has previously appeared onscreen in Youth of May and Sweethome. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar (via Soompi), Hye-ko expressed her appreciation for the team working behind the scenes on The Glory. “Fortunately, writer Kim Eun Sook, who writes very strongly, and director Ahn Gil Ho, who I can trust and follow, are here, so I can really depend on them,” the actor shared. “I’m a person to whom the process is important. The results are, of course, really important too, but [the process] is relatively more important. Isn’t a production something I can’t do alone? The teamwork and rhythm between the director, writer, staff, and people working together are now more valuable.”

Hye-ko added: “I’ve never entered a production with the mindset of, ‘You’ve always done this, so you can do well.’ Now, I’ve been acting for a long time. Nevertheless, I’m always nervous. Not only am I getting older, but the characters are also getting older, like me. The characters must have matured as they got older, and there must have been joys and sorrows in their lives up to that point. I think I have to express that well. That’s why I think acting is getting harder and harder.”

The Glory is scheduled to be released on Netflix Friday, December 30th. Watch the teaser below.