Watch this underrated 88-minute horror-thriller on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch this underrated 88-minute horror-thriller on Netflix

More often than not, Netflix viewers are put off by films that are unnecessarily long. While it is hypocritical considering how fast they are ready to binge on eight nearly-hour-long slow-burn episodes of Bridgerton, we empathise with their situation. Netflix’s film buffet across various genres is exceptionally diverse.

The horror section has quite a few popular titles besides certain lesser-known underrated gems. What if we told you about a horror film that is just under 90-minutes long and has the ability to scare you sufficiently? 

Well, there is one such underrated horror-thriller film on Netflix that is well-paced and exactly 88 minutes long. 

Directed by Dave Franco, the 2020 film The Rental surprisingly did not receive much mainstream attention. Marking Franco’s directorial debut, the film starred Dan Stevens, Alison Brie, Jeremy Allen White, Toby Huss and Sheila Vand. 

The film follows two couples who rent a remote house by the beach for a quiet weekend getaway. They encounter an odd caretaker and after a series of events, find themselves caught in a booby trap filled with infidelity, cheating, snuff films and a deranged and anonymous masked killer on the loose. (Not Leatherface!)

With a small close-knit cast, the tension and overall claustrophobic atmosphere are even more palpable; the eerie music simply adds to the effect. The film has an abundance of explicit content, sex scenes and usage of ecstasy that leads to some of the leads making a terrible mistake that changes the course of their fate. 

The film is well-made and deserves way more attention than it received, primarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic that hindered a widespread theatrical release and allowed a socially-distanced premiere in California in June. 

However, tune in to Netflix to watch The Rental and prepare to spend a sleepless night thinking about hidden cameras in hotel showers!