Watch the new trailer for ‘You’ season four part two
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the new trailer for 'You' season four part two

The hotly-anticipated trailer for the second volume of You season four has been released. With the series split into two as part of the streaming giant’s new tactic of keeping fans interested, each segment has five episodes. The release date for You’s second part is March 9th, and to say that the new trailer has caused excitement among viewers would be an understatement.

The new season follows the lead character, Joe Goldberg, an all-round psychopath and serial killer now in Britain, rubbing shoulders with a group of horrific social elites. Here, Joe goes toe-to-toe with another serial killer dubbed the “Eat-The-Rich Killer”. Towards the end of the first volume, the serial killer’s identity is revealed as acclaimed writer Rhys Montrose. Played by Ed Speleers, he gets on well with Joe at the start of the season. However, he appears to hate the group of elites and feels out of place due to his humble beginnings.

Whilst the new trailer kicks off with Joe asking Rhys, “What do you want?”, the aspect that has really caused a stir is the appearance of Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn, Joe’s ex-wife, who everyone thought was dead. In the trailer for volume two, though, she is seen reading a book a greeting Joe, who looks utterly shocked. This has led fans to wonder if Love survived Joe’s staged murder-suicide at the end of season three. 

Of the second volume, You’s co-creator, Sera Gamble, spoke to Glamour about the next instalment. She said, “The second part of the season is going to be about the relationship between Joe and the killer that he’s discovered. So that’s always going to be about what they have in common and what Joe thinks they don’t have in common.”

She continued: “In a very dark way, we’ve given him a different kind of view this season. This You is going to be able to burrow into him in a different way because Rhys just has different things in common with Joe.”