Watch the trailer for the upcoming docuseries ‘I Just Killed My Dad’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the trailer for the upcoming docuseries 'I Just Killed My Dad'

Netflix is gearing itself up to release yet another gripping real crime documentary after Girl in the Picture sent many viewers into a meltdown as the spider web of the grim subject material gradually unfolded, making us question how any of it was real. 

Now, fans are excited for another chilling series after Netflix dropped the trailer for I Just Killed My Dad, with the content looking far more oblique than the straightforward title suggests. It seems to be yet another one of the streaming service’s rivetting tales of a real-life crime that nobody has really managed to get to the bottom of.

The story centres around Anthony Templet, a young man who shot and killed his father, Burt, and openly admitted to doing it. The docuseries investigates his reasons, questioning if he was acting in self-defence, as well as a host of other motives, as a darker side of his father and upbringing are brought into focus. The three-part series will also examine Anthony’s mental state when leading up to the 2019 killing. 

Interestingly, Anthony Templet takes part in the show, giving him a chance to give his side of events, effectively letting the audience come to their own conclusion, much like last year’s Sophie: A Murder in West Cork.

In a snippet featuring Templet in the trailer, we hear him defend himself, claiming that he did nothing wrong, as another of the interviewees described his father as an “evil man.”

It has been suggested that the courts sided with Anthony’s account as he pleaded no contest to the killing of his father, meaning that he received a reduced charge of negligent homicide. He was placed on supervised probation for five years. 

I Just Killed My Dad premieres globally on August 9th.