Watch this underrated animated Christmas film on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch this underrated animated Christmas film on Netflix

Tomorrow is Christmas day and we are all on the lookout for a new Christmas film to indulge in with our families, right?

Netflix has a wide array of Christmas films and a series of Originals, namely A Christmas Prince, A Princess Switch and more, that have amassed a huge fan following. People are awestruck by the incredible visuals and the heartwarming premises that add to the Yuletide spirit and Holiday cheer. 

However, there is an underrated Christmas film on Netflix that deserves our immediate attention right before the festivities begin. 

American playwright David E. Talbert’s 2020 Christmas musical Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, with its glorious and uplifting fantastical elements, is an absolute treat for the eyes. 

Starring Forest Whitaker, Keegan-Michael Key, Anika Noni Rose, Hugh Bonneville, Lisa Davina Phillip and Ricky Martin, the film was originally supposed to be a stage production before being acquired by Netflix to be made into a film. 

In the incredibly vibrant and imaginary town of Cobbleton, a well-known toymaker Jeronicus Jangle is deemed legendary for his eccentric and brilliant invented toys that brim with wondrous mystery however, he is betrayed by his apprentice who steals his most-prized possession, leaving him distraught and devoid of his creativity 

Years later, Jangle is aided by his equally ingenious and inventive granddaughter and a long-lost invention to harness the magic and creativity that lies within his dormant self and get rid of the traumatic past.  

This underdog Christmas film is pretty engaging and will make one bawl their eyes out when they understand the essence of the film that tries to reignite the same debate between wealth and happiness. With brilliant music and production, it is a visually delightful feast. 

Indulge in your childhood fantasy by watching this underrated lavish Christmas film on Netflix now!