Watch this terrific Aubrey Plaza crime thriller now on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch this terrific Aubrey Plaza crime thriller now on Netflix

Aubrey Plaza has long been celebrated as an indie darling. She has carved out her place in Hollywood with roles that showcase her range as a comic actor and her depth with a dramatic flair. 

From her deadpan humour as April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation to her recent taut performance in White Lotus season two, Plaza continues to hop, skip, and jump from one riveting role to another. And it isn’t just her roles on television that manage to get critical acclaim.

This time, she has brought her presence to the forefront in the gripping crime thriller Emily the Criminal, which is currently streaming on Netflix. The film has garnered positive reviews with overwhelming praise for Plaza’s performance, its gritty cinematography, and staunchly socialist themes.

Directed and written by John Patton Ford in his feature directorial debut, Emily the Criminal stars Plaza in the titular role alongside Theo Rossi, Megalyn Echikunwoke, and Gina Gershon in supporting roles. 

What is Emily the Criminal about?

The film follows Emily Benetto, a young woman burdened by student debt and barred from traditional job opportunities due to a criminal record. Desperate to break free from her financial struggles, Emily becomes entangled in a credit card scam that plunges her into the underworld of Los Angeles.

Emily the Criminal premiered at the 38th Sundance Film Festival on January 24th, 2022, before its theatrical release in the United States on August 12th, 2022. The film received acclaim from Guillermo del Toro, who took to Twitter to describe Emily the Criminal as an “Incredible debut film. A real tough crime film” with “No sentimentalism. No easy answers.”

Emily the Criminal is not just a thrill ride through the criminal underworld. It’s a commentary on the struggles faced by Millennials (and the subsequent generations joining the workforce) in today’s messy economy, which has been in a steady downfall for years. Through Emily’s journey, the film highlights the harsh realities of being sidelined in a society full of illusory promises, where opportunities seem scarce, and the odds always seem stacked against those already at a disadvantage.

Aubrey Plaza has been lauded for bringing a raw vulnerability to Emily’s character as she navigates the moral ambiguity of her actions while grappling with her own aspirations and desires. Emily the Criminal offers a refreshing take on the crime thriller genre, eschewing glamour and excess in favour of a more grounded and socially-driven narrative. It’s a film that will resonate with an audience concerned with the ongoing discourse about privilege, inequality, and the pursuit of the American Dream.

You can watch Emily the Criminal on Netflix and catch the trailer here: