Watch this Robin Williams adventure classic before it leaves Netflix
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Watch this Robin Williams adventure classic before it leaves Netflix

Robin Williams has left viewers amazed and enthralled with his comedic genius, a knack for improv and slapstick comedy and wide range of filmography. Honest and sincere in his comedy routines, Williams is celebrated for his indelible contribution to pop culture. A comic prodigy, he was known to incorporate manic energy in his films, making him the “national treasure” to the entertainment industry.

A recipient of an Academy Award, two Emmys, five Grammys, six Golden Globes and two SAGs, Williams first starred in the 1980 film Popeye as the titular lead. After starring in various more minor roles, his breakthrough role was in the 1987 film Good Morning, Vietnam by Barry Levinson, where he played a quirky radio jockey whose humour and sarcasm helped the soldiers maintain sanity. For this film, Williams received his first Academy Award nomination and was soon seen in more significant and meatier roles.  

While a comprehensive collection of his films are now available on Netflix for streaming, one of his popular sci-fi adventure films will be leaving Netflix soon and deserves your unhinged attention. 

In 1995, Joe Johnston, now famed for Jurassic Park 3 and Captain America: The First Avenger, directed the sci-fi action-adventure film Jumanji which became a defining pop-cultural film and an established name in the film canon. While the franchise has been resurrected with Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black, the new movies cannot live up to the original legacy that blended supernatural horror into the template of family entertainment. 

The film follows the titular, mysterious board game, Jumanji, filled with supernatural hijinks. The players must play the game to keep the world safe and balanced. The story is filled with dangerous and ferocious elements like giant mosquitoes, lions and fierce hunters who pose a significant threat to the kids. 

The film did not send the children on a mere adventure to Neverland but made them face real threats and challenges that would require perseverance and grit, proving their heroic qualities. With changing timelines and the ability to correct previous mistakes, this modern film has been a timeless childhood classic for many. 

Starring Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt and Williams, the film sees Robin Williams as Alan Parrish; the man stuck in the game who is finally released by the teens and can help them defeat these formidable foes. 

Revel in the brilliance of Jumanji before it leaves Netflix on April 1st, 2022.