Watch this Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez indie comedy for the perfect night in
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch this Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez indie comedy for the perfect night in

In certain secluded corners of the internet, movie lovers have been ruing the fact that all we get from Hollywood nowadays are big blockbusters. The charm of stumbling upon the small-budget indie gems has always been unparalleled. While it is easy for festival-savvy viewers to find quiet gems like Aftersun on the regular, for those who exclusively rely on platforms like Netflix to prop up smaller films with a tad more massy appeal, there are actually quite a few options.

For those seeking a delightful indie comedy for a quiet night in, The Fundamentals of Caring should be an easy choice. The film pairs the charismatic Paul Rudd with Craig Roberts and Selena Gomez. Directed and written by Rob Burnett, this heartwarming film blends humour with a pleasant slice-of-life vibe often missing in recent releases.

The Fundamentals of Caring, released in 2016, is based on Jonathan Evison’s novel of the same name. After a successful debut at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016, the film’s streaming rights were bought by Netflix for $7million. The film has managed to thrive in the streaming platform’s library.

Rudd leads the cast as Ben, a retired writer who becomes a caregiver to Trevor, portrayed by the talented Roberts. Trevor, a teenager with muscular dystrophy, sets the stage for an unconventional road trip that becomes the focal point of the film. Gomez takes on the role of Dot, a spirited young hitchhiker who joins the duo on their journey.

Selena Gomez has built an eclectic filmography, from edgy sexploitation satire films like Spring Breakers to populist dramedy series like Only Murders in the Building. But, when she wanted to land the role of Dot, she had to adopt an unusual approach to convince casting. Speaking to Variety about how her image as a Disney pop star got in the way initially, Gomez said, “Rob [Burnett, the director] didn’t know who he was going to meet. I knew it would be difficult for him to see me in that role. He had a lot of hesitation. I auditioned two more times after that. I was one of the parts that I fought for. I knew other people were reading for it. So it feels good to feel like I earned it.”

Paul Rudd, who recently reunited with Gomez on-screen for the Hulu murder mystery, was also taken aback by the level of stardom she had garnered already at that point, “I’m so out of touch,” Rudd had confessed to Variety, “It wasn’t until we were filming and I saw thousands of people turning out to try and see her that I realised what a phenomenon she is.  To see her deal with that kind of fame, I came away even more impressed with her.  She’s extraordinary.”

You can watch The Fundamentals of Caring on Netflix and catch the trailer here: