Watch this Maya Erskine romcom on Netflix after ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’
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Watch this Maya Erskine romcom on Netflix after 'Mr and Mrs Smith'

Mr & Mrs Smith recently underwent a distinctly millennial treatment in Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover’s reimagining of the duelling spy couple. Glover and Maya Erskine took on the mantle of John and Jane Smith in this modern rendition, which plays out the marital malaise of a couple who just had an arranged marriage with a side splattering of guns and dynamites instead of roses. If that made you wonder how the protagonists would fare in an actual rom-com, then there is a way to find out, and it is available to stream on Netflix.

For more of a traditional rom-com experience with Erskine, you can watch Plus One on the streaming platform. In the 2019 Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer romantic comedy, Erskine plays the role of Alice Mori opposite Jack Quaid, known for his role in The Boys. While Quaid brings his own brand of charm and wit to the screen, his character in The Boys couldn’t be further from the lovable rom-com lead he portrays in Plus One.

Directed by Chan and Rhymer, Plus One follows the story of two longtime friends, Alice and Ben, who agree to be each other’s plus ones for a relentless string of weddings. As they navigate the ups and downs of wedding season together, their platonic friendship evolves into something more.

Erskine and Quaid’s chemistry on screen is palpable, making their characters’ journey from friendship to romance both believable and endearing. The PEN15 and Blue Eye Samurai actor has built herself quite an indie cred from her days at NYU experimental theatre department. 

Speaking to Oprah Daily about what drew her to the role in Plus One, Erskine noted, “It’s rare to find a female lead, especially in a romantic comedy, that’s so gross and funny and witty and smart and messy and flawed—yet incredibly vulnerable.” 

She continued with her praise for the script of Plus One, “This one plays into some of the genre’s formulas and manages to subvert it. You’re seeing two characters separate from each other develop and then they fall in love.”

Whether she’s portraying a cunning spy or a lovable wedding date, Erskine’s rising star shines through. So, if you’re in the mood for a charming rom-com after indulging in the adrenaline-fueled antics of Mr & Mrs Smith, be sure to tune into Plus One on Netflix.