Watch this Jason Momoa chart-topping old-school action film  on Netflix
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Watch this Jason Momoa chart-topping old-school action film on Netflix

Netflix’s ever-widening collection of action films includes various old-school classics, including John Wick. Blade Runner, Terminator and more. Even in the era of superheroes and high-strung CGI, old-school action films retain their charm with their stylized and well-choreographed fight sequences. From Keanu Reeves and Arnold Schwarzenegger to Jason Momoa, via their action films and incredible fight scenes, these actors have cemented their names in our hearts.

One such old-school action film is now soaring charts on Netflix and has become extremely popular among the streaming platform’s audience. 

Starring Jason Momoa, Garret Dillahunt, Stephen Lang and Jill Wagner, Lin Oeding’s 2018 action thriller Braven has a pretty satisfactory rating on Rotten Tomatoes and abounds in various elements from 1980s action flicks. 

Momoa stars as the titular Joe Braven, a logger in Canada who wants to reconnect with his sick, elderly father in a remote hunting cabin.  

However, their family time is disrupted when a notorious drug dealer interrupts their private time and propositions Joe. The latter’s refusal leads to dangerous consequences, and he must be brave against all odds to keep his family safe. 

Within 94 minutes, the filmmaker, Lin Oeding, previously a stunt coordinator, extracts the best action sequences from Momoa, who is brilliant in his scenes. He is supported by Lang, who plays his dementia-ridden father, and the duo forms a badass alliance against the goons. 

Against the beautiful backdrop of the Canadian wilderness, the brilliant and exciting fight sequences make up for the incoherent and amateur plot narrative. 

Netflix viewers are smitten by the film and have sent it to the most-watched list, albeit not the first time. 

Watch Braven on Netflix now.