Watch this harrowing Elizabeth Olsen western with fellow Marvel alum
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch this harrowing Elizabeth Olsen western with fellow Marvel alum

Elizabeth Olsen was recently seen in Sam Raimi’s Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. As Wanda whose desire to become a mother leads her down a dangerous path and toward a devastating end, Olsen sure did leave an indelible impact with her performance, sometimes even surpassing Cumberbatch as Strange.

Olsen is a great actress who has now become synonymous with the MCU. Once a part of the Avengers universe as seen in several films including Infinity War and Endgame, Olsen was recently seen in a standalone Disney+ series WandaVision with Paul Bettany as Vision.

However, Olsen cannot be simply pigeonholed into the superhero genre as she has appeared in quite a number of films that are critically acclaimed. One such film is now streaming on Netflix where she appeared alongside Marvel alum and co-star, Jeremy Renner.

Taylor Sheridan directed the 2017 neo-Western film Wind River to raise awareness about the increasing number of Indigenous women, both on and off reservations, who are raped and murdered yet their missing reports are conveniently omitted. Starring Olsen as an FBI agent and Renner as a wildlife tracker, the film involves a shocking murder mystery that leads to the unravelling of such painful realities.

After a wildlife tracker finds the frozen body of a teen girl who has been brutally raped and murdered, the FBI gets involved to identify the perpetrator of this heinous crime. The wildlife tracker is dealing with the loss of his daughter in the same way and agrees to help the agent to pursue the criminal.

What follows is a harrowing and engrossing journey wrapped in gruesome violence and a brilliant and skilfully exploration of grief. Olsen and Renner have wonderful chemistry and do not need to be tied to a needless romance within the film to create a symbiotic relationship on-screen.

Sheridan’s film is rooted in the devastation of truth and reality; it is moving, timeless and creates a sense of urgency and redirects the viewer’s attention to issues that otherwise remain unseen and unheard.

Watch Wind River on Netflix now.