Watch this erotic coming-of-age Netflix Original now
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch this erotic coming-of-age Netflix Original now

More often than not, filmmakers have made pretty good feature-length films from short films or series, dedicating the film to be a spin-off or a further commentary on the characters. Similarly, showrunner Valerie Bisscheroux made her feature film directorial debut by adapting her eponymous 2018 two-season Dutch show into a one-and-a-half-hour long Netflix Original, titled Anne+: The Film

Starring Hanna van Vliet and Joumana Fattal as Anne and Sara, a lesbian couple in love, this coming-of-age film focuses on Anne’s journey towards self-discovery and acceptance. A budding writer in her early twenties, Anne struggles with the pressure of finishing her first novel and managing deadlines while bidding goodbye to her girlfriend, who moves to Montreal. 

As Anne struggles to get perspective on proceeding with her novel, Sara admits to having begun flirting with another woman, leading to Anne’s growing insecurities. She chances upon a non-binary individual, Lou, who changes her perspective completely. With Lou, Anne unwinds emotionally, sexually and mentally and soon finds herself coming to terms with herself. 

While this lesbian love story is not as deep and impactful as Celine Sciamma’s 2019 film, The Portrait of a Lady on Fire, as the filmmaker’s debut feature, it screams realism- with the lead’s emotional turmoil and heartache- and is highly sex-positive. 

Without indulging in quintessential stereotypes, the film is every millennial Netflix consumer’s dream as there is an implosion of pop-cultural elements within the queer narrative. The sense of rebellion, madness and euphoric freedom within the LGBTQ+ community is highlighted here. 

The film also contains some very erotic and raunchy sex scenes, especially between Anne and Lou and Anne and Sara. Lou helps unleash Anne’s latent desires and allows the latter to break out of various repressive forces. 

Nuanced and prideful, the film is a staple of every homosexual experience and helps bring awareness to various subjects. It is a breezy watch with a pretty realistic premise and a cathartic climax. 

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