Watch this classic Tom Cruise movie before it leaves Netflix this month
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch this classic Tom Cruise movie before it leaves Netflix this month

While Ethan Hunt has garnered a legion of fans over the decades, for many, Tom Cruise had them at hello with his role in and as Jerry Maguire, which is currently enjoying its last few days of streaming on Netflix. 

The 1996 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Cameron Crowe capitalised on the rise of the star in his pre-Scientology era, at least publicly, that side of the actor was not so heavily in the limelight.

Jerry Maguire follows the story of Jerry Maguire, a sports agent who experiences a moral crisis and decides to write a mission statement, expressing his desire to create a more personal and ethical approach to the sports management business. Unlike Don Draper’s open letter to Big Tobacco in Mad Men, Maguire’s epiphany backfires on him. It leads to him getting fired from his job and he is left with only one client, a talented but difficult football player named Rod Tidwell. Jerry and Rod form a zany good partnership as they try to navigate the competitive world of professional sports and find success on their own terms.

The film featured memorable performances by Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr. as Rod Tidwell, and Renée Zellweger as Dorothy Boyd. Cruise’s chemistry with Zellweger, as well as Gooding Jr., was so compelling that they all won praises.

With iconic lines like “Show me the money!” and the swoon-worthy “You had me at hello,” the film soared at the box office during the holiday season. Despite being remembered as a romantic dramedy, Jerry Maguire was critically acclaimed at the time of its release.

Jerry Maguire received multiple nominations at the Academy Awards. It was nominated for Best Picture, recognising the contributions of James L. Brooks, Cameron Crowe, Laurence Mark, and Richard Sakai. Tom Cruise’s compelling performance as Jerry Maguire earned him a nomination for Best Actor. Cuba Gooding Jr.’s portrayal of Rod Tidwell won him the award for Best Supporting Actor. Cameron Crowe’s screenplay was recognised with a nomination for Best Screenplay – Written Directly for the Screen. Additionally, the film’s editing by Joe Hutshing was acknowledged with a nomination for Best Film Editing.

The Tom Cruise classic leaves the streaming platform on June 30th. So now is your chance to catch it before it leaves.