Watch this classic Jim Carrey film before it leaves Netflix this month
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch this classic Jim Carrey film before it leaves Netflix this month

One of the beautiful things about Netflix is its constantly updating shelves. It means whenever you go to the streaming platforms online pantry; you rarely leave empty-handed or with a grumbling of Hollywood hunger. However, such a turnover of impressive titles also means we lose as many great feature films as we gain. One such film leaving us this month is a bonafide classic from Jim Carrey, The Truman Show.

Starring in the comedy sequel Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, as well as the subsequent genre, flicks The Cable Guy and Liar Liar in 1997, Carrey approached his very first major dramatic role in Peter Weir’s The Truman Show. It was a huge artistic change of pace for Carrey, but he delivered in spades.

Perhaps the actor’s best critical and commercial hit, The Truman Show, demonstrated just how great the comedian Jim Carrey was as a dramatic performer, appearing totally at ease in this bizarre science-fiction. With the likes of Laura Linney, Ed Harris and Noah Emmerich supporting, Carrey is allowed to shine in the lead role, giving one of the year’s finest performances that would lead the actor to bigger and better roles.

The Truman Show is a masterpiece. Looking back from the 21st century, there is a strong sense that Carrey and the rest of the cast were simply enacting a tale from the future. The fictional town of Seahaven is a place that mirrors a society where we all-star in our very own reality TV show, and the notion of Main Character Syndrome floats around our egos with glee. The comedy-drama sees Truman, played by Carrey, live out his life under the watchful eye of television cameras as the lenses track and design his every move.

As Truman begins to realise his fate, he notes the only way to get out of his situation is to overcome his fear of water and try to find the edge of his own little world, breaking free from the gaze of producer and director Christof. Truman commanders a small boat for the escapade, and, seeing his main character begin to flee, Christof decides to send a storm his way in an effort to sink his getaway. It was a stunt that nearly cost Carrey his life.

Despite the near-death experience, the film would become one of Carrey’s crown’s brightest jewels. It may not always be his most keenly remembered film, but it certainly showed the world that Jim Carrey was more than a funny face.

As the film is set to leave Netflix on March 1st, 2022, we suggest you press play on this classic title as soon as possible.