Watch the trailer for ‘Our Father’ that is causing a stir
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the trailer for 'Our Father' that is causing a stir

If there is something that Netflix has become a leading creator of, it is the art of true-crime documentaries. Whether it is The Tinder Swindler or the latest Jimmy Savile documentary, the streaming platform is now a dab hand at bringing us some o the most despicable areas of human behaviour. The latest is Our Father.

A brand new documentary, Our Father has now released a teaser trailer, and it has got audiences going wild. The true-crime series will focus on a quite disturbing story that surfaced in 2016.

The documentary is one of the streaming platform’s most highly-anticipated releases of the year, and the two-minute sneak peek shows why. Audiences across social media shared their horror about the story of Donald Cline.

A former fertility doctor, Donald Cline, is said to have fathered over 50 children by illegally artificially inseminating his sperm into women. It’s one of the most flagrant breaches of medical practice the world has ever seen.

The story originally broke out when, in 2016, a sibling reached out to a local news station to raise the concerns. As more and more siblings began to pop up, the story ran wild, and Netflix stepped in to bring it to the masses.

For anybody who hadn’t known the story before watching the teaser trailer for Our Father, the documentary sounded more like a horror story than real-life. In the trailer, we see the first sibling Jacoba Ballard figuring out how many half-siblings she has.

Watch the trailer for Our Father, Netflix’s latest true-crime documentary, below.