Watch the trailer for new crime thriller comedy ‘Killer Soup’
(Credits: Netflix)


Watch the trailer for new crime thriller comedy 'Killer Soup'

Fans of offbeat crime dramas can look forward to the newest addition to the canon, Killer Soup, coming to Netflix on January 11th. 

The trailer for the show has just been released, with Netflix India describing it on Instagram as “the most bizarre crime thriller of the year,” adding, “the secrets are about to boil over!”

Abhishek Chaubey has directed Killer Soup, which follows a chef who is desperate for everyone to enjoy her soup. However, this desire leads to a chaotic series of events which will provoke both tense thrills and moments of comedic relief. 

The lead role of Swathi Shetty is played by Konkona Sensharma, who revealed, “Stepping into Swathi Shetty’s shoes was a unique experience for me as the character has depth, darkness and packs a lot of punch.”

She called the filming experience a “delight,” adding, “With hints of suspense peppered through the series, it makes you wonder, ‘Will she or won’t she get caught and will the soup boil over?’ I eagerly await the audience’s reaction when they watch Killer Soup.” 

Sensharma also stars alongside Lal, Nassar, Sayaji Shinde and Manoj Bajpayee, who plays a dual role as both Shetty’s lover and husband. 

Watch the trailer below.