Watch the new Netflix teaser for the Liverpool FC documentary
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the new Netflix teaser for the Liverpool FC documentary

Netflix has recently released the promotional teaser for its upcoming Dutch television documentary series Undercover season three revolving around Virgil Van Dijk of Liverpool FC. 

The Liverpool centre-back, Dijk, who tested positive for Covid-19 a week back, has missed the last two matches. He appeared in Netflix’s promotional video teaser that was shot way before he tested positive.

In the 71-second teaser, he is seen at the home where he is seen texting a fictional character named Ferry, the titular character of another Netflix Dutch film. 

Ferry is then seen going to the defender’s house and punching him in the face following the brief tryst with text messages.   

With a battered nose, Dijk is then assigned to “help” PSV Eindhoven in January in their match against Ajax. It is hilarious because the footballer goes on to argue against the statement, talking about how he plays for Liverpool and cannot “play for PSV for just one match”. 

He is then asked to fake an injury and play for the team in “secret” which leads the Dutchman to deadpan and say, “In secret? What would you like me to do, shave off my goatee and go undercover?”

It ends with Dijk asking the “little one” to “calm down” and the title of the series aka Undercover appearing on screen. 

Check out the video below: