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Watch the new trailer for spoof series, 'The Woman In The House...'

In what feels like the first announcement of a major spoof in decades, the brand new trailer for the Kristen Bell mini-series, The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window has been released. Produced by Netflix, the trailer for the new series is filled with knowing winks and nods to the crime thriller genre, poking fun at such films as The Girl On The Train starring Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson and Luke Evans. 

Directed by Michael Lehmann, the same mind behind Heathers and Hudson Hawk, the series holds great promise to be genuinely great, particularly when you look at its bevvy of writing talent. Behind the scenes, staff include co-writer Hugh Davidson who has previously penned Robot Chicken and Nobodies.

The brand new series itself follows Kristen Bell as Anna, a woman living a monotonous life watching the world go by, until a handsome neighbour moves in across the street and she thinks she witnesses a gruesome murder. 

Bell was the star of the successful TV series and movie adaptation, Veronica Mars where she starred as a popular high-school student who devoted her life to solving an impossible crime in her town. Winning multiple awards throughout its four-season run, the series and film would help to elevate Bell’s status in the industry where she would go on to star in her biggest commercial success in Disney’s Frozen in 2013. 

It looks as though Bell is ready to look back on her career, however, and satirise the likes of Veronica Mars in her brand new mini-series, The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window.

Also co-starring Michael Ealy, Mary Holland, Shelley Hennig, Cameron Britton, Christina Anthony and Benjamin Levy Aguilar, the new eight-part series will launch on Netflix on January 28th 2022.