Watch new trailer for season 4 of ‘Sex Education’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch new trailer for season 4 of 'Sex Education'

One of the biggest series on Netflix has been their work on the teen comedy Sex Education. After years without any new material, the series has launched the trailer for their fourth season, which is also set to be their last.

The popular British series follows high schooler Otis, who is informed about fornication through his mother’s various manuals as a sex therapist. Becoming one of the most popular kids in school, Otis begins working with fellow student Maeve to start an underground sex therapy clinic at the school.

Picking up where the previous season left off, Otis and his various classmates have had to move on to different schools than their native Moordale. Though Otis is having problems with a new baby at home, Maeve is also considering moving to follow a major opportunity in the US.

Along with the latest trailer, some of the creators are adamant about this being the final major season of the show. When talking about the journey of the characters, creator Laurie Nunn spoke about it being a natural time to stop, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “it became clear that this was the right time to graduate”.

The next season is also promising to have a few major shakeups in the casting as well. Prior to the trailer dropping, various cast members have announced that they won’t be returning to the show, including Patricia Allison and Tanya Reynolds departing.

Outside of their original roles, the main cast have also been able to stretch out into other major roles in the years since. Aside from her role as Maeve, actress Emma Mackey has a major role in Greta Gerwig’s film Barbie as well as starring in the 2022 film Death on the Nile.

In an open letter to the fans, Nunn also shared her excitement for the last season, saying, “We are incredibly proud of Sex Education and feel indebted to our brilliant writers, cast and crew who put so much heart into making every episode. They have worked tirelessly to bring you this final season, and we can’t wait to share it with you”. Sex Education will premiere on Netflix on September 21st.