Watch Netflix’s trailer for the upcoming true-crime series ‘Worst Roommate Ever’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch Netflix’s trailer for the upcoming true-crime series ‘Worst Roommate Ever’

Netflix had previously released the chilling trailer for the upcoming true-crime docuseries, Worst Roommate Ever. The limited docuseries will delve into four terrifying real-life incidents that follow a group of individuals when they start living with criminal masterminds, con-artists, murderers and manipulators, unwittingly and unsuspectingly. 

With five episodes, the trailer begins with an eerie 911 call where a woman tells a dispatcher that something bad might happen to them because of a roommate. The scene cuts to an interviewee talking about how people are the literal manifestation of evil. 

The four sinister people feature in the form of photos- three men and a woman. They are deceived as dangerous, cunning and vile criminals. 

The trailer promises a harrowing premise as the series will inspect the horrible things these roommates do, starting from upending the justice system to manipulation and murder. 

The series is a collaborative effort between Netflix and BlumhouseTelevision. Launched in 2017, Blumhouse has already produced a variety of noteworthy shows, including the Welcome to Blumhouse film series. 

They are currently busy adapting a Stephen King tale titled Later that stars Lucy Liu, 

Netflix viewers have taken a certain kind of liking to true-crime documentaries and series, recently, the streaming service has had immense success with The Tinder Swindler, Inventing Anna and The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman. Besides the upcoming docuseries, the streaming service is set to release other true-crime documentaries, including Bad Vegan and Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

Worst Roommate Ever is set to premiere on Netflix on March 1st, 2022.