Watch Netflix’s trailer for the controversial show ‘Byron Baes’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch Netflix’s trailer for the controversial show ‘Byron Baes’

Netflix has released the official trailer for a controversial Australian reality docu-soap series, Byron Baes

The show will be set in the modern New South Wales town of Byron Bay and will feature a group of influencers that include a “clique of trendy hustlers, musicians, designers, spiritual healers and artists.”

To touch on various social concerns and serious issues, they will “grow their businesses, connections and social followings.” According to Netflix’s official synopsis, “Australian influencers flock to Byron Bay for its warm, beachy beauty and cool, creative vibe. Follow these friends as they negotiate life and love.”

However, locals have not taken lightly to the situation and are concerned about the various environmental consequences, including degradation, lack of housing and more. The possibility of the inevitable adverse effects has led to multiple protests and pleas to cancel the show.  

They have also launched a petition to appeal to the Government officials and the local business owners to deny the show to film on the premises. However, the petition fell short of 30,000 signatures, only receiving 9,846 signatures. 

Refusing to be a part of the show, the locals had said, “We want our voice to be heard, and we do not want to deal with the fallout of being showcased on a global stage in a way that can only harm our local environment and community.”

The Byron Baes will premiere on Netflix on March 9th, 2022. 

Watch the trailer below: