Watch Netflix’s Mikey Guzman ‘Amy Of The Dead’ spin-off
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch Netflix’s Mikey Guzman ‘Amy Of The Dead’ spin-off

Netflix has released a brand-new Army Of The Dead spin-off based on the character Mikey Guzman who appeared in the original. The project is titled Guzman Of The Dead 420

The five-minute short sees Guzman back in the Las Vegas zombie world, this time slaying the undead for his YouTube channel. 

The official logline describes the spin-off as: “Mikey Guzman from Army Of The Dead has made a name for himself making videos of his zombie-killing abilities as he goes around Las Vegas looking for zombies to take out and loot!”

It is also unclear whether this venture will result in something more than this five-minute instalment. Although Zack Snyder’s original outing was met with middling reviews, the Mikey Guzman character (played by Raúl Castillo) has proved somewhat of a hit and this influencer-style vehicle may be an original way to keep the franchise going in a new direction. 

In addition to this short, a prequel to the movie and a new animated series are also in the works. As Snyder announced in a statement: “I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to partner with Netflix again as we expand the Army Of The Dead  universe with both an international prequel, as well as exploring the visually dynamic world of animation.”

You can watch Guzman Of The Dead 420 below.