Watch Kano in the new trailer for the sci-fi movie ‘The Kitchen’
(Credits: Netflix)

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Watch Kano in the new trailer for the sci-fi movie 'The Kitchen'

After long last, the first trailer for the sci-fi flick The Kitchen has been released, taking audiences to a bleak future in the British capital.

Set in a dystopian future London, Daniel Kaluuya’s film, which he has co-directed with Kibwe Tavares, tells the story of Izi, a tough member of The Kitchen, a community of people who refuse to leave their homes after social housing is eliminated. Yet, Izi’s livelihood becomes complicated when he takes Benji, a young boy who shows intelligence beyond his years, under his wing. 

Despite having starred in the Netflix and Channel 4 drama Top Boy for over a decade, this is the first major feature film debut for Kano, who is joined by newcomer Jedaiah Bannerman in the lead roles. 

Debuting at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2023, The Kitchen opened to significant buzz, largely due to the fact that Kaluuya was in the director’s chair and Kano was front and centre with his first major cinematic starring role. The actor Michela Coel was one of many stars to promote the forthcoming sci-fi at the time, telling Far Out in an exclusive interview that it was one of her favourite movies of the year.

After taking the industry by storm in the past few years, taking home the Oscar for ‘Best Leading Actor’ in 2021 for his performance in Judas and the Black Messiah, Kaluuya enjoyed a far quieter 2023, lending his voice to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse in his only credit of the year.

While Kaluuya co-directs the movie Tavares, he also penned the script with Joe Murtagh, with the latter having previously worked on 2018’s American Animals and 2019’s Calm with Horses.

Take a look at the trailer for The Kitchen below and witness Kano in action before the film hits Netflix on January 19th.