Watch this highly underrated Johnny Depp film on Netflix
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Watch this highly underrated Johnny Depp film on Netflix

Johnny Depp has been celebrating his recent ‘win’ against former wife, Amber Heard, in a highly publicised trial in which he filed a mega-money defamation suit. While personal issues have derailed his career, as an actor, Depp boasts incredible talent and the ability to embody any role assigned to him. 

A recipient of various awards and accolades, Depp made his acting debut via Nicholas Cage in A Nightmare on Elm Street before gaining public attention with his role as the undercover cop in 21 Jump Street. After various indie roles and fruitful efforts, Depp began his long-time partnership with Tim Burton, starring in Edward Scissorhands which won him his first of ten Golden Globes nominations. 

From What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Arizona Dream to Donnie Brasco, Corpse Bride, Blow, Rango, Chocolat, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sleepy Hollow and more such films, Depp is best known for his eccentric portrayal of the drunk pirate Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. 

The 59-year-old Fantastic Beasts actor, however, has starred in several films, many of which are severely underrated. One such film is the 2009 Michale Mann film Public Enemies which is now streaming on Netflix. 

Known for directing films like Heat, Manhunter and Miami Vice, Michael Mann is often considered severely underrated due to his visionary digital-era style which was quite ahead of its time. 

In 2009, Mann adapted Bryan Burrough’s non-fiction 2004 work, Public Enemies: America’s greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34.

Set during the Great Depression, the film revolved around the final years of operation of a notorious gang robber called John Dillinger while providing a deep dive into the world of organised crime, loyalty, friendship, betrayal, morality and the uncertainty of the future. 

The film stars Depp, Christian Bale, Jason Clarke, Christian Stolte, and Stephen Graham, among others. Highly underrated, the film is definitely one of Depp’s best works. He is cool and charismatic, provocative, bold and explosive as Dillinger who revels in the gritty action of the film. 

Realistic with brilliant camerawork, Public Enemies is now streaming on Netflix.