Watch Harrison Ford’s favourite Ryan Gosling films on Netflix
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Watch Harrison Ford’s favourite Ryan Gosling films on Netflix

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling have an enviably incredible camaraderie in the 2017 Denis Villeneuve film Blade Runner 2049. Ford, at 78, is still more popular than ever, and it should come as no surprise that his co-star has an equally huge fanbase. 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ford and Gosling had spoken candidly with Lauren Zima about their favourite films. When Ford was asked about his favourite Gosling film, he had a shocking answer. 

While fans would love nothing more than experiencing an emotional Harrison Ford getting emotional at The Notebook, surprisingly, the veteran actor picked an entirely different favourite. Praising Gosling’s prowess, Ford said, “Everything I’ve seen him do was a challenge well met.”

“It was more than I thought you could possibly do…I mean, the discipline to learn all the dancing, the singing and the keyboard [in La La Land]…but also [films like] The Place Beyond the Pines. I’ve been watching him for years, and I really admire what he’s done.”

Derek Cianfrance’s 2012 film The Place Beyond the Pines is now streaming on Netflix US. It is an epic commentary on working-class people and their uncertain futures. It stars the likes of Gosling and Bradley Cooper. 

Gosling’s quiet nature and stellar performance help heighten the claustrophobic anxiety that pervades the film as he desperately tries to feed his family. 

La La Land was Damien Chazelle’s 2016 masterpiece that helped Gosling take back his title as the king of romance with his mellow performance as a smitten jazz pianist as he tries to navigate through the meandering ways of life laced with love and ambition. 

Both the films are available for streaming on Netflix.