Watch Chris Hemsworth make a surprise cameo in a new Netflix chart-topper
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)

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Watch Chris Hemsworth make a surprise cameo in a new Netflix chart-topper

Chris Hemsworth has produced the recent Netflix chart-topper, Interceptor, which stars his wife Elsa Pataky in the lead.

Also starring Luke Bracey, Interceptor Australian-American film has topped the global streaming charts with a massive viewership of 35.6 million hours.

Directed by Matthew Reilly, the film revolves around Patay as the Army captain, JJ Collins who finds herself in a tricky situation. She must rely on her previous training and years of expertise to protect the missile interceptor station she helms from renegade terrorists.

Hemsworth, who is currently busy with his upcoming Netflix Original and second Netflix collaboration Spiderhead, also has a very brief and surprising yet uncredited cameo in the film.

The Thor alum can be seen in the disguise of a salesperson called Jed. When the terrorists take over the base, they take over the emergency broadcast to inform the nation of the same. The cameras soon pan over various sequences across several cities, of which one certain broadcast is based in Buy-Fi Electricals in Los Angeles where Jed appears.

Jed is seen watching the operations and cheering on as Collins regains control of the base; essentially, Hemsworth is cheering his wife on.

Pataky and Hemsworth have often made cameos in each other’s projects, namely Thor: The Dark World where she donned a wig to fill in for Natalie Portman’s character in a kissing sequence.

Watch Interceptor on Netflix.