Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger prank the cast of ‘FUBAR’
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Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger prank the cast of 'FUBAR'

Over the years, Arnold Schwarzenegger has expanded beyond his image as one of Hollywood’s go-to leading men and has launched careers in both politics and business. However, he’s back this year with another acting project.

Titled FUBAR, it’s an action comedy Netflix series where Schwarzenegger stars opposite Monica Barbaro, who plays the role of his daughter. FUBAR revolves around the absurd premise of a father and daughter who have spent years without knowing that the other works for the CIA. The revelation sends them down a bizarre rabbit hole.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Schwarzenegger said: “[Executive producer] David Ellison came to me with the idea of a TV show. I said, ‘It has to be something where I can use all my aspects and talents. It has to be fun. It has to be action-packed. It has to be sweet. And we shouldn’t try to get around my age — let’s play my age.’ He came up with the idea of doing a True Lies-type thing.”

While talking about his character’s divorce, the actor added: “We were laughing about it — it feels like it’s a documentary. The difference is, in the show, he doesn’t consider it cheating because [seducing CIA assets] was part of his profession. His wife moved on because he never was home, and now he has this dilemma with the daughter because she has the same job, and it’s going to screw up her relationship, too.”

However, Schwarzenegger claimed responsibility for the events in his personal life: “But in [my real-life marriage to Shriver], it was my fuckup. It was my failure. Also, in the show, he’s deep down still in love with his wife.”

As a part of the promotion campaign for the new show, Schwarzenegger decided to prank the entire cast in his characteristic style.

Watch the clip below.