Watch an intense  Robert Pattinson thriller before it leaves Netflix next week
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch an intense Robert Pattinson thriller before it leaves Netflix next week

Robert Pattinson is a pretty intense actor. Although he catapulted into stardom with his role as the cold-blooded vampire, Edward Cullen, in the Twilight franchise alongside Kristen Stewart, the actor first attained popularity as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

He was also seen in films like Water for Elephants, Cosmopolis, Rover and more, before appearing alongside Willem Dafoe in Robert Eggers’ psychological horror flick, The Lighthouse, which is now streaming on Netflix. 

The actor will next be seen as the brooding and gloomy superhero Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming DC film, The Batman, which will be released in March 2022. While some of his films are now streaming on Netflix, there is one such intense crime thriller that is set to leave the streaming service soon. 

Intense and sinister, Good Time is set to leave Netflix on Saturday, February 19th, 2022.

The Safdie brothers, aka Benny and Josh Safdie, directed a thriller in 2017 titled Good Time that portrayed a twisted crime odyssey where a failed bank heist landed one of the siblings named Nick in jail. The elder sibling, Connie, scourges through the criminal underbelly of New York City to gather information and help bail out his brother. 

Unnerving and fast-paced, the thriller reeks of their desperation coupled with frustration. It’s chaotic, bleak and almost feels like a fever dream through the neon-lit streets of NYC as one brother goes to dubious and diabolical lengths to avoid the punishment and save his brother. 

The deliberate claustrophobia of the film makes it appear more intimate and harrowing, thanks to the stellar vision of the cinematographer Sean Price. Starring Robert Pattinson as Connie and Benny Safdie as Nick, the cutthroat reality and brutality of the modern world is well deconstructed in this fast-paced exploration of the criminal underworld. 

Watch Good Time on Netflix now before it leaves the streamer.