Watch Alice Cooper’s favourite Emily Blunt film on Netflix
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Watch Alice Cooper’s favourite Emily Blunt film on Netflix

Alice Cooper is synonymous with the horror genre. Popularly known as The Godfather of Shock Rock, Cooper is a true horror enthusiast who revels in horrific live shows and the subsequent shock value.

On his Instagram, Cooper had curated a list of his 13 favourite horror flicks that he binged on during the lockdown. From modern classics to old gory flicks, some of Cooper’s eclectic list of favourites are fortunately streaming on Netflix.

Cooper, surprisingly, named one such recent Netflix film starring Emily Blunt which had become quite the sensation since its release due to the incorporation of sign language into the film.

While many films have incorrectly implemented sign language and been criticised for it, A Quiet Place nailed it by casting deaf actress Millicent Simmonds who championed the cause of her community. The other actors, too, did a marvellous job of learning the language and executing it properly.

Directed by John Krasinski, this post-apocalyptic 2018 horror film plays on the terror and tension that exists as the family in question deals with the horrors of an unknown monstrous invasion who hunts using sound. Communicating via sign language, the film takes place in complete silence, making it appear more ominous and claustrophobic.

Also starring Noah Jupe, Simmonds, Krasinski and Blunt, the film received various awards and accolades besides critical acclaim. Blunt even went on to win the SAG Award for her outstanding performance.

The film received a sequel in 2021 which saw Krasinski don the director’s cap yet again, and Cillian Murphy joined the cast.

Watch A Quiet Place on Netflix today.