Watch a new teaser trailer for ‘Kill Boksoon’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch a new teaser trailer for ‘Kill Boksoon’

A brand new, action-packed teaser trailer for the upcoming Netflix arrival Kill Boksoon has landed.

The crime action movie stars Cannes-winning actress Jeon Do-yeon, who takes on the role of assassin Gil Boksoon. Like all contract killers, Boksoon realises that her vocation has an expiration date and attempts to give up her criminal life in order to look after her teenage daughter.

Of course, things like that never go to plan, and Boksoon is quick to find herself in a compromised position with the entire assassin world descending upon her in order to claim the bounty on her head.

The recent snippet sees Boksoon attempting to claim a new contract with her boss Cha Min-kyu, played by Sul Kyug-gu. Things seem fairly normal until the dark and dingy be reveals itself to be a trap as Mi-kyu attempts to claim the life of his new target.

“He should’ve turned his phone off at work,” says Boksoon. It showcases the very slick and stylish movie we’re about to see. “Just listen to me while you’re working,” she continues. “Whether you believe me is up to you. But you’ll have to believe me if you need my signature on that contract.”

Catch the new teaser trailer below.