Watch a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan film on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan film on Netflix

Action aficionados never thought of seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan share the same screen. However, their dreams became a bizarre reality when a prequel to the 2014 Russian fantasy film Viy 3D which was loosely based on Nikolai Gogol’s short story. 

Released in 2019 in English-speaking countries as Iron Mask, Viy 2: Journey to China was directed by Oleg Stepchenko. 

Although the film was a box-office disaster with a paltry revenue of $9 million, fans, especially Netflix viewers cannot seem to get enough of the incredible casting. 

The film has an abundance of characters, including a Chinese princess, cartographers, a Russian tzar and Schwarzenegger as James Hook while Chan is seen as master Et Al.

Although this epic fantasy story had disastrous results, these two big names are enough to attract the audience’s attention. People cannot seemingly get enough of the weird CGI animation and other absurd hijinks that make the film weirdly hilarious. 

With dragons and wizards abound, the main plot is overshadowed by the presence of these Hollywood veterans whose minor roles do no justice to their overwhelming screen presence.

If you are looking for mindless entertainment, tune in to this film on Netflix now.