Viewers react to bizarre ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ sex scene: “I’m suing”
(Credit: Netflix / Sergei Bachlakov)


Viewers react to bizarre 'Brand New Cherry Flavor' sex scene: "I'm suing"

The American horror series Brand New Cherry Flavor arrived on Netflix in the summer of 2021. Only now are viewers starting to realise quite how bizarre some of the show’s sex scenes are. Indeed, the series has caused something of a social media storm in recent days.

Brand New Cherry Flavor, which arrived on-site in August last year, tells the story of A filmmaker heading to Hollywood to make a name for herself in the early 1990s. After putting her faith in the wrong person, Lisa N. Nova’s (Rosa Salazar) dream project becomes a trippy nightmare involving zombies, sex, hit men and magic.

In the last week, TikTok users have been sharing “blind reactions” to one of the show’s most bizarre and explicit scenes. The first series focuses on Lisa’s move to Hollywood, where she meets producer-director Lou – played by Eric Lange – who claims he can help her rise to the top of the industry. Sadly, Lou turns out to be a bit of a dirtbag, so Lisa hires a witch to put a curse on him. Unfortunately, the curse has some surprising side effects for Lisa, who quickly begins projectile vomiting newborn kittens.

By episode four, things have started getting really weird. After Lisa finds a mysterious wound on her stomach (which also produces kittens), she invites her new lover, Roy, over for a bit of fun. Apparently unperturbed, Roy begins to stroke the space where the kitten emerged, eventually building the courage to put his whole fist inside.

TikTok users were, rather unsurprisingly, a little shocked by the bizarre sex scene, with one declaring, “I’m suing”, and another dubbing it “messed up”. The best audience reaction offers some useful advice: “Don’t watch Brand New Cherry Flavor unless you’re gonna get real cool about a bunch of stuff really quickly,” they wrote on Twitter.

Check out the trailer below.