Victoria Beckham could have her own documentary following ‘Beckham’ success
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Victoria Beckham could have her own documentary following 'Beckham' success

Following the success of the recent docuseries Beckham, it has been reported that Victoria Beckham is in talks for her own show.

Directed by Fisher Stevens, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star’s documentary series has been a tremendous hit, giving insight into his life on and off the pitch. One of the standout features of it was David’s wife, Victoria, the former Spice Girl who received plaudits for her honesty and humour. 

Victoria Beckham’s life story could now be coming to the screen, exploring her time in the Spice Girls and her journey as a mother of four and fashion icon. 

Reportedly, discussions have been taking place since the summer, with executives wanting to bring the idea to life. It has been claimed that the forthcoming documentary would explore how she “built a fashion and beauty empire from scratch” and beat “naysayers post-Spice Girls”.

A source told The Sun“At times, her journey wasn’t easy, and there will be a blood, sweat and tears look behind the scenes at the sheer graft she has put into ­reinventing herself. Off the back of David’s success, and how well she came across, people will also see, in depth, her wit and sarcasm. Of course, there will be some personal life elements, and David, and her celebrity pals, will feature in the background.” 

They explained that it is “early days” but that those involved in the potential project are “very excited” about it. 

Watch the trailer for Beckham below.