‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is coming back to Netflix
(Credits: Netflix)


'Unsolved Mysteries' is coming back to Netflix

The long-standing real-life crime series Unsolved Mysteries will return to Netflix later this month for its fourth season on the streaming service.

Unsolved Mysteries first aired on NBC back in the late 1980s, with presenting duties being taken on by Raymond Burr, Robert Stack and Karl Malden. Since then, the documentary series has enjoyed a lengthy run of reboots spanning over five networks, three decades and 16 seasons.

Netflix brought the show back in 2020, revamping it for a modern, streaming audience. They have since released three new seasons of Unsolved Mysteries on the service, tackling unsolved mysteries ranging from UFO sightings to family disappearances. They have now announced a fourth installment of unsolved mysteries.

The new season is set to hit Netflix at the end of this month on July 31st. It will provide viewers with five new episodes focused on real-life cases, including a new take on an older episode and the story of a serial killer.

As with previous seasons, the new instalment has been produced by Cosgrove/Meurer Productions and 21 Laps Entertainment. Shawn Levy, the founder of the latter, spoke to Tudum about the show’s enduring relevance to modern viewers, as well as its capability to turn unsolved mysteries into solved mysteries.

Unsolved Mysteries continues to resonate with viewers in ways we could never have imagined,” Levy stated, “with some episodes leading to solving cases that were once thought unsolvable.”

Just last year, a child who had been abducted in 2017 was found when an Unsolved Mysteries viewer recognised her from the episode ‘Abducted by a Parent’. The girl had been abducted by her own mother, who was then arrested.

Levy also shared his excitement about collaborating with Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, sharing, “It is a privilege to collaborate with Terry Dunn Meurer and her team on this iconic franchise, and we are so excited to share this next installment of compelling and fascinating mysteries with viewers around the world.”

Last year, the show also celebrated its 35th birthday with a standalone tribute episode titled Unsolved Mysteries: Behind the Legacy. The 55-minute documentary provided fans with a look behind the scenes, including unseen outtakes and conversations with the creators.

Unsolved Mysteries returns to Netflix for a fourth season on July 31st. Revisit the trailer for Unsolved Mysteries: Behind the Legacy below.