‘Uncharted’ is the most watched title currently on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Uncharted' is the most watched title currently on Netflix

When the long-awaited Uncharted movie dropped back in February this year, most fans of the original video game series were delighted, as Spider-Man star Tom Holland really brought an extra dimension to the character. A resounding success, it has been touted as the first instalment of many, which distributor Sony described as a “new hit movie franchise”. 

Notably, the film had been suspended in development limbo since 2008, so when the first trailer was finally released for the movie in 2021, those who had been waiting for well over a decade were overcome with excitement, safe in the knowledge that one of the best stories from the world of video games was finally being brought to the big screen.

In many ways, Tom Holland was the perfect casting for the protagonist Nathan Drake, a chiselled action star based on some of the greatest heroes of cinema that include the pair of iconic Harrison Ford roles Indiana Jones and Han Solo. He instilled some of that youthful charm into the character that made the latest Spider-Man series one of the most lauded of the past few years, confirming that Holland is ready to grapple with more mature themes through the medium of Nathan Drake.

Now, six months after making $400 million on a theatrical run, Uncharted has been added to Netflix in the US, and unsurprisingly, it’s been a triumph. Only two days after being added to the streaming service, the flick has climbed to the top of their charts, far surpassing the likes of The Gray Man and Purple Hearts.

A blockbuster in every sense of the world, with the riveting story and complex set pieces made for a big bag of popcorn, it’s a promising sign of things to come for the franchise, despite no information being released about a follow-up.