Tyson Fury dashes hope for second Netflix docu-series
(Credit: Netflix)

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Tyson Fury dashes hope for second Netflix docu-series

Boxer Tyson Fury has reportedly rejected a huge offer to continue his Netflix documentary series, At Home With The Furys, for two more series.

The first series, which aired earlier this month on Netflix, followed Fury, his wife Paris, and their six children. It focused on Fury’s retirement from boxing last year to his subsequent return fight against Dereck Chisora.

Originally due to be a ten-part series, Fury was not thrilled about his own involvement in the project, and the show wound up as a nine-part documentary.

Speaking on the Capital XTRA Breakfast show, Fury said: “I wanted out. I was like, a couple of weeks in, I said: ‘Is there any way?’”

He continued: “I’d be on the phone with my lawyers, ‘Is there any way I can get out of this? I don’t know what I’ve signed up for again. I never said I’d do it again. I’ve done it again; I’ve made a mistake.’”

Although he did finish filming for the first series, it’s thought there is little hope of a second.

Per The Daily Mail, Fury has supposedly turned down an offer worth “millions of pounds” from Netflix to film two more series, with a source telling the outlet the boxer didn’t want to be seen as a “reality star”.

This source added: “The filming process was particularly stressful, and coupled with the fact he’s now an active boxer again after coming out of retirement, he decided to put a series two on hold for the foreseeable future.”