Watch trailer for ‘Supersex’ the Netflix series about pornstar
(Credits: Netflix)

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Watch trailer for ‘Supersex’ the Netflix series about pornstar

Netflix has released the first trailer for Supersex, a forthcoming series inspired by the real life of eminent porn star Rocco Siffredi. The series will receive its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival before arriving on Netflix on March 6th. 

“Every power is an enigma. It can give you light or throw you into darkness. But every existence lived to its fullest always has a price to pay,” a narrator announces in the teaser trailer while Siffredi faces an oppressive storm of paparazzi.

Netflix’s official synopsis states that Supersex “explores the transformation of Rocco Tano, an ordinary individual from Ortona, a small town in central Italy, into Rocco Siffredi, the globally acclaimed adult film star.”

The highly-anticipated show was created and written by Italian screenwriter Francesca Manieri, famed for her previous work on We Are Who We Are and L’Immensità

Produced by Lorenzo Mieli’s The Apartment, a Fremantle company, and Groenlandia, part of the Banijay Group, Supersex blends fictional and non-fictional elements to present an exaggerated account of Siffredi’s life. 

Alessandro Borghi takes on the role of Siffredi alongside Jasmine Trinca as Lucia, a fictional character described as a composite representation of the women in Rocco’s life. Meanwhile, Adriano Giannini plays Tommaso, Rocco’s half-brother, and Saul Nanni portrays Rocco during his youth. 

Additional cast members include Enrico Borello, Vincenzo Nemolato, Jade Pedri and Linda Caridi, and Gaia Messerklinger in the role of the female Italian porn star Moana Pozzi. 

Watch the first-look trailer for Supersex below.