Check out the trailer for new Netflix K-drama ‘Black Knight’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Check out the trailer for new Netflix K-drama ‘Black Knight’

Netflix has revealed a new trailer for their forthcoming new K-drama Black Knight. The show is an adaptation of the 2017 to 2019 web cartoon Delivery Knight and will chart the travels of deliveryman ‘5-8’ and the refugee Sa-wol in a sci-fi, dystopian imagining of a Korea that has been severely affected by pollution.

Kim Woo-bin of Our Blues will star in the lead role as ‘5-8’ while Esom from season one of Taxi Driver will perform in the role of a major in the Defence Intelligence Command. Song Seung-heon from Dinner Mate will play the heir to a wealthy organisation that dominates the world.

The new trailer begins with ‘5-8’ defending his delivery truck from bandits before showing us the sheer depravity and desolation that the Korean Peninsula has turned into with the effects of climate change.

Esom’s character tells ’5-8’, “If you don’t stop now, you might bring about chaos beyond our control”, which draws a response from Kim Woo-bin’s character: “Refugees are not needed in the world they built. That is what we are trying to change.”

The show is being directed by Cho Ui-seok, who previously took charge of Master and Cold Eyes. Netflix previously stated that they wanted to turn Black Knight into a “more down-to-earth and lively” show when held up next to the webtoon.

It will premiere on the streaming service on May 12th.