Trailer for Yeon Sang-ho’s ‘JUNG_E’ drops
(Credit: Netflix)

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Trailer for Yeon Sang-ho's 'JUNG_E' drops

Director Yeon Sang-ho, known for his apocalyptic horror Train To Busan, has directed the upcoming sci-fi film JUNG_E,  which will be coming to Netflix later this month. A trailer for the film has just dropped, giving audiences an insight into Sang-ho’s vision of a dystopian future. It stars Kim Hyun-Ko, Kang Soo-yeon and Ryu Kyung-soo. 

The trailer shows a world in the 22nd century, where climate change has driven Earth to a state of inhibition. Following this, humans are forced to spend their days in an artificial shelter. However, civil war erupts within and Jung-E, a leader of the allied forces, finds herself targeted by a brain cloning experiment to win the war. 

The experiment was created by two scientists called Seo Hyun and San-hun, with the former as the team leader in a lab that developed the technology the latter directs. 

JUNG_E’s trailer showcases a high-tech landscape against a deteriorated environment. Jung-E’s fatal injuries lead her to be resurrected as an enhanced soldier through the experiment. 

Sang-ho also worked on the Netflix series Hellbound, a dark fantasy show about people being sent to hell by unearthly creatures out of divine justice. The director shared with The Korea Herald that he hopes to build his own universe, the Yeoniverse, characterised through dystopian imagery and themes as seen in his work. 

“Because my works are created and published by different networks and production companies, I think it is a difficult dream to accomplish,” Sang-ho said. “But I have always imagined creating a complete package, similar to Stephen King’s imaginary world, Castle Rock.” 

“During my studies in fine art, I learned that one of the most important aspects in art is to draw and express the world with the artist’s original views. Though I am creating something very different from a painting, I always tried to keep this message in my heart when producing a film or drama,” the director added. “This will stay the same in my next project.”

JUNG_E will premiere Friday, January 20th. Watch the trailer below