Trailer and release date revealed for Guy Ritchie’s Netflix series ‘The Gentlemen’
(Credits: Netflix)

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Trailer and release date revealed for Guy Ritchie's Netflix series 'The Gentlemen'

Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Netflix series, The Gentlemen, recently unveiled a teaser trailer that revealed a new cast member after announcing it would premiere this March.

Based on the Matthew McConaughey starring 2019 film by the same name, The Gentleman will also star The Departed’s Ray Winstone alongside Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Daniel Ings, Joely Richardson, Vinnie Jones and more.

Winstone will play Bobby Glass, a career criminal from London who owns a cannabis empire. The series will follow James’ Eddie, a soldier turned aristocrat whose vast manor stores a weed farm that intrigues Scodelario’s character, Susie.

Fans of Richie’s 2019 film will remember this premise, and the series is set to be a familiar mix of Richie’s most loved themes.

As for the familiar drug-warring worlds he depicts on screen, he said: “Once you’ve created them, you feel as though you can roll around in them and enjoy them for a bit longer, rather than just wrapping them up tidily in two hours.”

Series spin-offs are not new territory for Richie, but this is the first project where he has been allowed to be truly hands-on. As he recently told Empire, he’s relishing in a new format.

“You’re allowed to tell a lot of stories, [which] lends itself to my creative disposition,” he said. “A lot of it I just write on the day according to who’s there and what feels organic, spontaneous and fun.”

Watch a teaser for The Gentlemen below: