‘Top Boy’ season five ending explained
(Credit: Netflix)


‘Top Boy’ season five ending explained

Nearly five years after Channel 4 dropped the critically hit series Top Boy in 2014, Netflix picked it up on popular demand. The fifth and final season finally dropped on the streaming giant, bringing a climactic conclusion to a decade-long saga.

The long-awaited conclusion of Top Boy has left fans in awe with major character deaths and numerous twists. Spoiler alert.

The fifth and final season of Top Boy picks up with a gripping start, as it immediately delves into the aftermath of Sully’s shocking act in the last season, where he mercilessly kills Jamie in front of a shocked Stefan. This sends shockwaves through the Summerhouse community, setting the tone for the series finale.

Sully, portrayed by Kane Robinson, initially pressures Dushane, played by Ashley Walters, into relinquishing his position as ‘Top Boy’. He offers Dushane a substantial sum of money to step away from the territory. However, Sully’s newfound reign as the kingpin is short-lived with the introduction of Irish mobsters Tadgh and Jonny, portrayed by Brian Gleeson and Barry Keoghan.

Tadgh and Jonny quickly establish their dominance, forcing Sully to go back to ask for Dushane’s help in dealing with the two. This unexpected alliance forms the basis of the season’s unfolding drama.

In the middle of all this, Stefan becomes involved with the Fields gang, forming a close bond with Si and falling for Erin. Aaron’s absence is notable throughout the season, as he reportedly works in marketing.

Jaq, portrayed by Jasmine Jobson, plays a pivotal role this season. She obediently follows Sully’s orders while simultaneously leading a community protest against Kieron’s deportation. However, things take a tragic turn for Jaq when her sister Lauryn passes away, leaving her responsible for caring for Lauryn’s child.

Lauryn’s death leads Jaq to steal many drugs from Sully’s stash to secure her nephew’s future. This theft sets in motion a chain of events that has far-reaching consequences.

Dushane’s life also turns dark when he becomes embroiled in a brutal murder. After Lizzie transfers all of Dushane’s money from Jeffrey’s account to hers, Dushane kills Jeffrey in a fit of rage. The gruesome crime scene leads the police to find Dushane’s fingerprints and DNA all over.

Sully and Dushane’s efforts to outwit Tadgh and Jonny culminate in a deadly ambush at a birthday party in a nursing home, where the Irish mobsters meet a gory end.

As tensions escalate and the net closes in, Dushane and Sully’s once-close partnership begins to unravel. Shelley, Dushane’s love interest, leaves him after an explosive argument. Meanwhile, Sully’s life is also in jeopardy as Stefan seeks revenge for Jaime’s murder.

The season’s climax unfolds as a high-stakes exchange goes awry, leading to a deadly confrontation between Sully and Dushane. In a final, heart-wrenching moment, Sully shoots Dushane, leaving him wounded fatally. The poignant exchange between the two characters underscores the harsh reality of their world and the story itself. However, Sully’s own fate is sealed when an unidentified shooter pulls the trigger on him. The identity of Sully’s killer remains a mystery, and that’s the kind of ambiguous ending that perhaps fits right in with how Top Boy was destined to conclude.