‘Too Hot To Handle’ couples who are still together now
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘Too Hot To Handle’ couples who are still together now

Reality shows may baffle the folks like us who find them veritably dystopian. But over the decades, the massive success of shows like Bigg Brother, Bigg Boss, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians have proven how ghoulishly they feed into our voyeuristic urges. The hit dating show from Netflix to quench all your trashy reality drama addiction, Too Hot To Handle, has just dropped a fifth season.

While most couples come to this show to increase their social clout, some actually end up coupling up and staying together. 

The British reality show is hosted by “Lana,” a traffic cone-shaped virtual assistant. Strangers with a history of flings enter the arena, believing they’re on another show, only to discover the real twist. 

No kissing, sexual contact, or self-gratification is allowed because, believe it or not, the goal here is to foster genuine connections. As the contestants embark on this Black Mirror-esque journey to find love, they begin with the enticing incentive of a $100,000 grand prize. But there’s a twist—every time a rule is broken, the prize money takes a hit, adding an extra layer of tension and drama to the mix.

Each season kicks off with ten fresh faces eager to explore the possibilities of romance and genuine emotional connections. New contestants may join the fray throughout the show, adding more surprises and dynamics to the already explosive mix. Likewise, those who fail to establish meaningful connections or fully commit to the process might find themselves on the chopping block, facing the possibility of being eliminated from the house.

But the real question everyone watching these shows might have is, how many of them actually stay together after the lights have been turned off and cameras stop following?

Which of the Too Hot To Handle couples are still together?

Francesca Farago & Harry Joswey, Season 1

After Francesca Farago’s on-screen relationship with Harry Joswey fell through, she ended up dating trans TikTok sensation, Jesse Sullivan. The couple is now engaged. Joswey later dated season three contestant Georgia Hassarati.

Emily Miller & Cam Holmes, Season 2

Emily was the it-girl featured on Too Hot to Handle season two, who subsequently blew up on social media. Emily now has over 2 million Instagram followers, while her romance with fellow contestant Cam has survived many bumpy patches.

Kayla Richart & Seb Melrose, Season 4

Too Hot to Handle season four runners-up Kayla and Seb’s relationship is arguably somewhat suspicious. The American woman and Scottish race care driver revealed in a YouTube update that they split after filming, even though they said that they did try to give long distance a shot for several months before it became too much. However, allegedly they have recently decided to give things another go after a cast meet-up in London.