Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’: Everything we know
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Tim Burton's 'Wednesday': Everything we know

Tim Burton is known for his obsession with the idiosyncratic, macabre and bizarre. He is set to direct his live-action comedic coming-of-age Netflix series Wednesday which shall be based on Wednesday Addams school years as the young teen morbidly obsesses over death. 

As of now, it is not known when the series will be released on Netflix. However, the filmmaker has teased cast details and the plot. It will record a coming-of-age story and revolve around Wednesday’s journey and might include some teen pitfalls of love, longing and conflicts. 

Ahead of the film’s release, here is everything we know about Tim Burton’s Wednesday

Everything we know about Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’

What is the plot of Tim Burton’s Wednesday?

The live coming-of-age comedic adaptation of the Addams Family film will focus on Wednesday Addams’ school years and show her morbid obsession with death besides other adventures and escapades at Nevermore Academy. 

According to the lengthy official logline of Netflix, Wednesday or Willa will be shown beginning a new chapter of her life at Nevermore Academy after getting evicted from eight schools in just five years Willa is already bored of her parents’ two-century-old alma mater and is trying desperately to escape. 

However, the school is way beyond her imagination and has four main cliques filled with general outcasts, namely Fanngs, Furs, Stoners and Scales. There, Willa might discover untold truths about her family’s past.

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Who has been cast on Tim Burton’s Wednesday?

Jenna Ortega is starring as the iconic Wednesday Addams. She has recently shown off her transformation on Instagram. Jenna is aware of the “pressure” building on her to reprise the role of the legendary character and has reportedly undergone the “most physical transformation” for her part. 

Ortega has starred in multiple Netflix Originals, namely You, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, Yes Day

Christina Ricci will be playing the older version of Wednesday Addams. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luiz Guzman will be playing the iconic roles of Morticia and Gomez Addams. 

The rest of the cast has also been announced. Emma Myers will be seen as the Werewolf Enid Sinclair, Hunter Doogan as Tyler Galpin, Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe and Joy Sunday as Bianca Barclay. 

Gwendoline Christie will be seen as Principal Larissa Weems who will be at constant loggerheads with Wednesday for the latter is seen as a troublemaker. Riki Lindhome, Jamie McShane and Thors Birch will be seen as Dr Valierie Kinbott, Sheriff Donovan Galpin and Tamara Novak, with Novak being the only human teacher at the academy. 

When will  Tim Burton’s Wednesday release?

Netflix has not yet confirmed the release date for Tim Burton’s Wednesday. However, since filming is over and the series is currently in post-production, the series could arrive sometime in late 2022. 

Netflix could also aim for a Halloween release due to the gothic and supernatural content in it that would be perfect for the 2022 Halloween lineup. 

How many episodes will  Tim Burton’s Wednesday have?

Tim Burton’s Wednesday will have eight episodes. Each episode will approximately be an hour long. 

Will  Tim Burton’s Wednesday be a limited series?

Netflix has not yet confirmed if Tim Burton’s Wednesday will be a standalone series or whether they are going to expand it into an Addams Family universe. With Netflix Originals like The Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy and The Witcher becoming extremely popular, Tim Burton’s Wednesday will most likely garner the same amount of attention which could prompt the streamer to keep expanding the series.