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'Tiger King' is being parodied as new Netflix musical starring RuPaul Drag Race queens

RuPaul’s Drag Race has experienced a dramatic rise as one of the most widely adored reality shows of all time. It provides it’s drag queens, who all compete to be the “next drag superstar”, with the opportunity for unprecedented fame — that’s something all of those involved with Tiger King can relate to.

One of the breakout shows of 2020, Tiger King, a thrilling Netflix documentary about the lives of two of America’s most well-known tiger breeders that picks through the good and the bad of their bloody history, is now being made into a Netflix original musical.

Tiger Queens: The Tiger King Musical will be launching as a one-off show next week and feature queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Willam, Heidi N Closet and Kim Chi, as they take on the iconic characters of the show.

The musical will air on TikTok and feature Willam as the main man, Joe Exotic while Kim Chi will take on the legendary role of Carole Baskin with Heidi N Closet taking on the pivotal role of being a tiger.

Naturally, there will be some special guests that will drop in to say hi, but if you’re looking for the perfect way to shake off the lockdown blues, then this is it: Tiger Queens: The Tiger King Musical.

The show will land on Sunday, March 28th as part of the wider Netflix celebrations of the original documentary.