The thriller movie taking the Netflix charts by storm
(Credits: Netflix)

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The thriller movie taking the Netflix charts by storm

The thriller movie Missing has found new love on Netflix now it has been released on the streaming service. The film, Will Merrick and Nick Johnson’s sequel to 2018’s Searching has flown straight to the top of the daily movie charts.

Missing stars Storm Reid as a young daughter who begins a journey to find her mother who has, you guessed it, gone missing. It was released in January this year, but it appears that many thriller fans did not catch the film straight away.

When the film was released on May 20th on Netflix, it began to gain traction on social media, which subsequently saw it rise up the daily film charts, taking the number one spot on May 23rd and staying there until the 29th. 

Missing was heralded for its reality and its pacing, as well as its constant twists by critics, and it brought in a handsome figure of $48.7 million. The production cost was just $7m, meaning that the film was very profitable indeed.

However, the film was also rather overlooked for a theatrical release seeing as it came to the big screen at the same time as Avatar: The Way of Water and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish were also released.

When people began talking about such films as well as M3GAN, it meant that Missing flew under the radar and fell to fourth place among the most-talked-about movies of the time, especially when awards season came around.

It looks now, though, that Missing is finally getting the respect it deserves through its new home on Netflix. Check out the trailer for the film below.