This was the most difficult scene to shoot in ‘The Witcher’
(Credit: Netflix)

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This was the most difficult scene to shoot in ‘The Witcher’

Ever since its release in 2019, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s The Witcher series has been an absolute fan-favourite on Netflix. Based on Andrzej Sapkwoski’s eponymous novel series and the titular CD Projekt Red video games, the show follows the journey of the gloomy and brooding Geralt of Rivia, portrayed by Henry Cavill.

Starring Freya Allen as Princess Ciri and Anya Chalotra as Yennefer of Vengerberg, the first season focused on the various narrative arcs of the three characters, as Geralt fought valiantly against monsters.

The first season was followed by the second season in 2021. While the third season is currently in production, the writers are apparently mapping out ideas for a season four. The second season saw the trio finally unite with their paths crossing, gearing up to fight against various adversaries who threaten Ciri.

With extensive costumes and elaborate set design as well as well-choreographed action sequences, the series took a long time to film with several prosthetics, stunt doubles and tonnes of rehearsals. However, director Marc Jobst revealed which scene was unsurprisingly the “hardest” to film.

According to Jobst, the crew had a hard time filming the Battle of Sodden Hill which was a pretty distinct game-changer in the series. Yennefer and her fellow mages are seen uniting against the Nilfgaardian army, causing Yennefer to lose her magic after the massive and powerful Chaos ball.

With unbridled action sequences, Jobst revealed how it was “one of the most exciting and complex battles” he ever shot.

“So many elements, so many mages on the battlefield, so many extras, and shot over multiple different locations in Hungary and Poland,” he said, emphasising the various other challenges, including inclement weather, heavy bouts of fog etc.

However, Chalotra had a great time shooting the fight sequences. She talked about how the action sequences were “not really scary” and she “just wanted more” as she simply “loved it”. Chalotra does get to live her dream of fighting hard in the second season given the number of action sequences she is involved in.