This terrifying horror film is keeping Netflix viewers up at night
(Credit: Netflix)


This terrifying horror film is keeping Netflix viewers up at night

Netflix has a huge collection of horror titles that are truly terrifying. From classics like The Exorcist and The Conjuring to Hereditary, Gerald’s Game, Hush and others, the streamer has a variety of horror films to offer. However, a recent chart-topping horror film has terrified Netflix viewers and led to many sleepless nights. 

If you are familiar with the show You, you might remember Elizabeth Lail who starred as Beck, the lead protagonist in the first season, being stalked by a psychotic Joe Goldberg. Lail is one of the cast members of this popular horror film. 

Released in 2019, the film has reached the Top 10 films chart in the United States. Titled Countdown, it was written and directed by Justin Dec. Despite its not-so-favourable reviews, it seems to have struck a chord with Netflix users who are having a blast watching the film. 

It revolves around the age-old horror trope of death prediction with a 21st-century twist to it where a nurse downloads an app that can predict one’s exact time of demise. Soon, she realises the sinister nature of the app and has only three days to defeat death. 

While it has a decent 72 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes, it is pertinent to note that Ryan Boyling, an app developer, built an eponymous application for users with morbid curiosity. 

Countdown might feel like watching a Final Destination film by a horror filmmaker who decided to incorporate all the scary elements and make it feel relevant and relatable enough. 

Users are, however, having a hard time falling asleep after sitting through the film due to the various graphic scenes. 

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