This terrible horror sequel is dominating the Netflix charts
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This terrible horror sequel is dominating the Netflix charts

Films which often do not create an impact in theatres often find themselves being revived on streaming services which bestow them with a new life. One such terrible horror film sequel is dominating Netflix’s Top 10s charts. 

Netflix has an eclectic collection of horror titles, including old-school classics and modern horror films. Often, the audience members find themselves appreciating titles that have not been well-received. 

A sequel to William Brent Bell’s 2016 film The BoyBrahms: The Boy II is a 2020 horror film with an abysmal 11 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a meagre 44% rating from the audience. 

However, the film has shot up to the top of the charts, occupying the seventh spot upon arrival.

The movie stars Katie Holmes, Christopher Convery, Ralph Ineson and Owain Yeoman, directed by Bell. The sequel features a haunted porcelain doll called Brahms, including the supernatural horror elements from the first film. 

After a traumatic burglary incident, a family moves to the countryside. The little boy is left mute at the end of the incident and communicates via a notepad. However, he soon finds the eerie porcelain doll, which becomes his best friend. Soon, sinister occurrences in the house allude to an occult, demonic presence, and the spooky doll attempts to gain full possession of the boy, threatening to harm his family. 

Extremely slow with godforsaken visuals and meaningless dialogues, the film does an absolute disservice to the original. 

While The Guardian was highly critical of the film, calling it an “unending torture” with a climax “that buckles under the weight of its own stupidity, as well as some god-awful CGI”, the film seems to have struck a chord with Netflix viewers. 

Viewers generally enjoy films with creepy dolls; the Annabelle franchise had become quite popular on the streamer after Netflix added it to its shelves. 

Watch Brahms: The Boy II now.